Our Team - 5&5

Our Team

Johnathan Chen

Co-founder | Chief Strategist

Tiffany Zhang

Co-founder | Chief Creative Officer

Phil Marr

Partner | Chief Technology Officer

Kelli Miller

Director of Marketing

Seth Burtis

Associate Director of System Solutions

Catherine Lacienski

Associate Director of Brand Loyalty

Courtney Green

Digital Strategy Lead

Marjorie Saavedra

UI/UX Designer

Isabella Rodriguez

Digital Strategy Senior Manager

Vincent Chen

Technical Strategist

Jia Kim

System Solutions Senior Specialist

Eric Padilla

System Solutions Manager

Kassie Kutscher

Systems Solutions Senior Specialist

Shae Grossman

Technical Strategist

Jacob Lopez

System Solutions Manager

Megan Chou

Business Development Manager

Laxmi Manosca

Graphic Designer

Jeffrey Grohs

System Solutions Lead