We have 5 basic senses and 5 different taste components.

The five senses are sight, taste, smell, sound, and touch.
Taste breaks down into five different components: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami.

A memorable restaurant experience encompasses the unity of 5&5. An inclusive digital experience also encompasses five elements: Owned Digital Channels, 3rd Party Delivery (Direct & Indirect), Comprehensive Loyalty Program, Understanding of Customer Behavior, and a Streamlined In-Store Off-Premise Experience.

From creating core consumer profiles to supporting global restaurant chains, 5&5 is a restaurant consulting group developing brand loyalty through digital innovation.


Frederick, MD / Pollo Campero

With years of experience strategizing and creatively supporting concepts, the team at 5&5 holds a unique position in the consulting space that intersects expertise at million-dollar digital agencies with national campaign execution for some of the most recognizable restaurant brands.


Marina del Rey, CA / Burger Lounge

Each platform you utilize to engage your guests, whether that be social media, social review sites, or even your website, either pulls your guest into the brand or pushes them away to a competitor.




The question is…. which one are you doing?



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